Welcome back to ICW NHB and to the concluding half of the deadly Tennessee double bill. The TWE Arena was about to play home to the chains and to another super show of first chances, monster mashes, falls from grace, and rises to prominence. It was a big night and all six of the matches on the card offered something special. On the card tonight, Malcolm Monroe III makes his chains debut against AKIRA, Hardway Heeter battles Gary Jay, Dale Patricks and Brandon Kirk give us the pretty boy war, Krule and Tank tear each other apart, John Wayne Murdoch takes out his rage on Danny Demanto and in the main event, Kasey Kirk looks to topple another former champion as she risks it all against Eric Ryan. It was going to be a big night so let’s cut the bullshit and get into the action.

AKIRA defeated Malcolm Monroe III via Death Penalty

The show opened with John Wayne Murdoch holding the even hostage. After snapping last night, he wanted to pick a fight with the boss. Murdoch and Demanto had done it everywhere else, tonight they were going to do it in the chains. With that nastiness aside, it was time for something more positive. After killing it during the last event, Malcolm Monroe III was entering the next step of the process and debuting in the chains. It was going to be a tough debut though as he was facing the Motherfucking Death Samurai AKIRA. Holy shit this match was off the charts. I had a feeling it was going to be good just based on the names involved. AKIRA and Ku stole the show last night. AKIRA and MM3 stole the show tonight. It was violent, physically, and technically charged as the pair found a rhythm and beat the shit out of each other as they did so. There was an absolute array of cool counters, cooler moves, and broken fuckery littering the ring by the end of this one. AKIRA was merciless in this one scooping up MM3 and smashing him against the chains, letting the fans lap it up as he did so. This is how you kick things off in style. You find two opponents who just get the assignment. This is what people wanted to see from AKIRA for months now. The killer instinct is back and the wins keep racking up. MM3 looked fucking great in this, feeding AKIRA’s need for fighting spirit and making an opening contest to remember. This needs to keep up because AKIRA’s on a hot streak and nothing should extinguish it.

Hardway Heeter defeated Gary Jay via Tiger Driver

We had a feel-good moment to kick off the next segment as Hoodfoot came out to keep the party going. He wasn’t wrestling but he came out to keep the people company and kick up the hype for his upcoming match with Sadika. He’s still healing now but come Chicago, he’s going to tear the fucking roof off with her. With that we kept the feelgood coming as Hardway Heeter continued his return to action. This time he was fighting another deadly striker as KOBK met the Stiff Robo Ginger. We were about to watch two guys beat the absolute shit out of each other with their fists, forearms, and all the plunder to spare. It all made for a very vicious encounter. This match flew by in a hurricane of heavy elbows, scintillating chops, horrifying Suplexes, and some of the nastiest door landings in the show. It was just non-stop and painful as hell. Heeter’s repaired neck and ring senses were put through the wringer as Jay mercilessly unloaded on him. There was so much to love and so much to sit back and enjoy. I love seeing Heeter back and thriving. He gives it his all and took so much abuse here. He earned that win and stopped Jay from getting back-to-back wins. If you want King’s Road style bludgeoning then look no further. Also with this, Heeter is in The Battle of the Tough Guys.

Dale Patricks defeated Brandon Kirk via Chokeslam (Fuck Your Spine)

The studs were up next for what Demanto had deemed the hunk’s deathmatch. Brandon Kirk and Deathmatch Gambit Dale Patricks were going to go to war in another fuckery fest. No one was sure which way this one would go or how far the pair would push it so everyone was along for the ride. They started with a literal smoke show and descended into absolute fuckery filled fun with exploding bats, chairs, trashcans and so much more as they dropped each other on their heads and murdered each other with strong style. It was a roller coaster of carnage with both guys battling to be the cooler guy alongside going for the W. The Psycho Driver Fuck Your Life was as nasty as ever and the match just kept getting stiffer from there. The tubes came out and just added another competitive edge to the match as they went back and forth blasting each other. The bundles followed and Patricks scored the win with the sickest chokeslam ever, turning Kirk into the Simpsons’ fire hydrant gag across some chair backs. It was a fitting end to an anarchic fight. These two upped the craziness quota and spiced up the fuckery count. It was a nice win for Patricks but also the continuation of the downward spiral Brandon Kirk is facing. Patricks just keeps getting cooler. The Jackass is gone and now we’re in the era of the Leather Daddy.

Krule defeated Tank (w/Reverend Dan “The Dragon” Wilson) via Rear-Naked Choke

Bring out the monsters. Krule and Tank were about to tear the house down. This fight had nearly erupted last night but Tank had sent the Heathen careening through a door. Now, Reverend Dan “The Dragon” Wilson was going to bear witness to an absolute massacre between two juggernauts. Tank and Krule were in for one of the toughest fights of their lives. This had the potential to wreck the ring, the building, and everyone in a certain mile radius. Holy shit, these two tore each other apart. It was violence personified as the two took this fight around the arena. It didn’t matter what they hit each other with, they shook it off and just kept swinging. Tank for the first person in a long time to manhandle Krule so freely. We saw some of this from the Carver but here, it was constant as Tank picked up Krule and launched him around the TWE Arena. Not to mention, the broken doors, chairs, bats, and tubes that littered the ringside area. It was a killer kaiju movie-level massacre with Krule having to snatch victory with a choke. On a cinematic note, the final shot of this match gave me chills as Krule just stares desperately into the camera as he choked out Tank, screaming behind the mask. He skulked off and let Tank revel in the hero’s reception he’d earned. It was a valiant effort and one hell of a fight with the Heathen literally choking victory out of him in a last act of desperation. This was high-stakes, high-impact wrestling at its best.

John Wayne Murdoch defeated Danny Demanto via Koji Clutch Pass Out

Time for things to get ugly. This was going to get very messy, very fast as John Wayne Murdoch got the match he’d all but demanded. Danny was going to teach Murdoch a lesson in respect after the heavy GCW simping he’d done earlier in the show. Murdoch is tired of the disrespect he’d been facing lately so now; he was going rogue and threatening to bring in his best friend GCW owner Brett Lauderdale to help get him better treatment. It was a far cry from what I had on my wrestling bingo card but here we are, John Wayne Murdoch, GCW Simp. He kept making references throughout and fought as dirty as possible to keep Demanto in the palm of his hand. This had become a necessity after Demanto spent the opening minutes of the match beating the shit out of Murdoch and making him pay for the shit-talking. It was a murderously competitive affair with the pair trading heavy hands, tubes, and fuckery bats around the TWE Arena. The fans were fully against Murdoch now. The ace had turned on them and beaten Danny senseless. He even attacked Mittens, destroying the superfan and weapons maker with tubes. He did get his revenge though as he pounced a bundle straight through Murdoch later in the match. Sadly, it wasn’t enough to keep the duke down and every attempt after that resulted in further kick outs. No amount of blood loss, glass, or Demanto landing on him would squash the fire out of Murdoch. He was determined to represent GCW with pride… In the end, he choked out Demanto, trapping him in the Koji Clutch and squeezing the life out of him. It was a dick move, punctuated by a further dick move as Murdoch sauntered away after dumping his GCW shirt over Demanto’s head.

Kasey Kirk defeated Eric Ryan via Glass Pane Chair Drop

Last but not least, the main event. Kasey Kirk has made one hell of a monumental rise through the ICW rankings the past few months and now, it was time for her to climb even further up the mountain. With wins over Murdoch and Joel Bateman, that gives her wins over two former champions. She could make that three by beating Eric Ryan here and now. Ryan might just be her most dangerous foe yet. Was the gutsiest underdog in deathmatch wrestling about to take another scalp? Yes, she fucking would. She tried to start the match as friendly as possible, offering out a tube to start things off. Ryan rejected that and pretended to do the same, handing Kasey a bundle… then dropkicking it through her chest. From there, Ryan took Kasey to hell, deriding her whole run and promising that he would end her run there and then. He came damn near close to doing so too, bullying her with tubes in every way he could do so. Even then, she wouldn’t give in and kept powering through until she reached her wit’s end. She snapped and started blasting back, grabbing every tube and bundle in sight to launch at Ryan. She pelted him, threw him through them and found as many creative ways to kill him as he’d done to her. It was exactly what we’d needed to see. Kasey rose up from the spilled blood and glass to silence her critics and punch her ticket to victory, smashing Ryan with a glass pane and chair from the heavens. She’d beaten another champion and for that, Demanto was finally pulling the trigger. She’d beaten everyone he’d set on her so on September 10th, in Newark New Jersey, Kasey Kirk battles Joel Bateman for the ICW World Deathmatch Title. Her win tonight cements her as the number one contender and now, the title is just within her grasp. The world is rooting for you Kasey, you got this.

All images courtesy of ICW, Marth555

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