Welcome to round one of the Second City Summit. We here at SteelChair are covering the whole shebang and we’ll start with Day 1. It’s time for Freelance to show off their unique mixture of fighters again as they open proceedings with No Place Like Home and we end off the day with some Black Label Pro and GCW co-operation with the massively-awaited sequel to 2 Cups Stuffed, 3 Cups Stuffed. There’s a lot to get into, so let’s break down the action.

Freelance Underground: “No Place Like Home”

Angel Escalera & Devon Monroe defeated Darius Latrell & Koda Hernandez via Springboard Jawbreaker on Hernandez

Up first was a rapid-fire tag bout between the jovial dancing duo Angel Escalera and Black Sexcellence Devon Monroe against the all-business duo of Darius Latrell & Koda Hernandez. It was a fight of fun vs fury as the two teams showed off their brand of fighting that led to an excellent opening bout showing off a little of what the roster is all about. In the end, Escalera and Monroe got the win as they were the more cohesive unit. Everyone looked like stars and my god Escalera’s energy is infectious.

Trevor Outlaw defeated EFFY via Derelict Driver

Daddy was in the house. EFFY was here and he was about to lock horns with Trevor Outlaw to kick off his Summit run of matches. Outlaw was fired up to go and gave us an EFFY impression by stealing his coat. He even got to enjoy a kiss with him. This was all fun for EFFY and he played with Outlaw like a toy until Outlaw hit him with a Destroyer. From here Outlaw got more aggressive despite a face full of ass. After throwing every weapon at EFFY and a bit of a tantrum, he finally landed the Derelict Driver and took the win with his feet on the ropes. This show was two for two on fun-as-hell fights.

Kevin Blackwood defeated Storm Grayson via Double Stomp

It was time to get stiff as the Aesthetic Crippler Kevin Blackwood locked up with Freelance Standout Storm Grayson. This was a very stiff and technical affair with both guys putting in the work. Awesome fun to watch without too much to say. It did what it wanted to perfectly.

Cole Radrick defeated Jordan Oliver via Cracker Jack Bomb

The hits kept on coming as two of the young bulls set to take over the world took each other on. It would be the Clout Cutter Jordan Oliver taking on the Wildheart Cole Radrick. Much like the match before, it was a perfect pairing as the two plotted an excellent match. It was paced well and featured a nice mix of strikes, submissions, and the offence both are very well known for. This match hit like an adrenaline shot.

Bang Bros (August Matthews & Davey Bang) & Chris Castro defeated Marcus Mathers, Billie Starks & Alfonso Gonzalez via Dual 450 Splashes

The Freelance Tag champions were in the building next as the Bang Bros teamed up with the King of Chicago Style Chris Castro against Marcus Mathers, Billie Starkz, and Alfonso Gonzalez. This was going to get chaotic. Once again, this was an excellent showcase for the younger generation to show what they bring to the table whilst having some veteran guidance. Again, great match with a lot to show for itself.

Shane Mercer defeated Craig Mitchell via Moonsault and Battery

Time for a big boy battle. It was no DQ rules as Shane Mercer squared up to Craig Mitchell. This was an awe-inspiring match as both guys pulled off ridiculous feats of strength, agility, and violence. Mitchell was able to stand with Mercer and match power with power, bringing out the toys when he needed them. This was a match that went everywhere and probably scared the hell out of some of the crowd. What a fight.

Danhausen & Nick Gage defeated GPA & Frank the Clown via Teeth Superkick/Chokebreaker combo

Last but not least, the murdered dead clown (I know how to spell clown, unlike Frank.) It’s MDK time as the main event had to be reshuffled giving us MDK-Hausen, two of the most popular wrestlers on the planet, Nick Gage, and Danhausen teaming as it’s MDK all (no swearing) day. Frank the Clown and Freelance Underground Champion GPA were in for a hell of a time. Gage could only watch on as Danhausen messed with GPA and the Clown. When it was his turn to fight, his opponents scarpered, everyone was scared of MDK. The villains spent their time beating down Danhausen and quickly felt the pain when Gage was finally unleashed. He took out GPA and gave the crowd what they wanted to see by murdering Frank the Clown with a Chokebreaker after Danhausen gave him the teeth Superkick. That ended a fun little show that set the mood for the Second City Summit. I do love seeing Freelance in these collectives, they always bring something interesting and fun.

GCW & BLP Present: “3 Cups Stuffed”

Scramble: Jordan Oliver defeated Marcus Mathers, Billie Starkz, Nick Wayne, Starboy Charlie & “Action” Mike Jackson via Nick Wayne Pin Steal

Show two opened with a GCW staple, the scramble. It was nearly all young talent bar one very notable exception of Action Mike Jackson, who had more experience than the ages of most the talent. It was going to be a very messy match. Jackson was unstoppable here, he had the numbers of all the youngsters, throwing out dives and a multi-rope Old School. Once he was out of the picture, everyone was free to go wild and they most certainly did. Jackson found himself alive after a superkick party and once again showed the kids how it was done. All the Jackson references aside, everyone here showed the hell out. No moments were wasted as the young generation made sure they weren’t going to be overshadowed. Jordan Oliver proved to be the other veteran in the ring as he let everyone else kill each other off and stole the pin from Nick Wayne after a one-man Spanish Fly through a door. A crafty way to end an excellent show opener.

BLP Midwest Title: Filthy Tom Lawlor defeated Alex Shelley via Rear Naked Choke

Next up was some title action. Alex Shelley was back to wrestling and he was about to defend his BLP Midwest Title against one of the most vicious hybrid fighters in combat sports. That’s right we were getting Alex Shelley vs Filthy Tom Lawlor. Lawlor had held one belt and now he wanted another. This was bloody perfect. Like no exaggeration, one of the best matches I’ve seen in a while. Pure, snappy, technical brilliance. Both guys are masters of the craft and it really showed here. This built well and just let both guys do what they do best, hit hard, and lock each other up. After taking every vicious kick, claw, and power move Shelley could throw, Lawlor dethroned Shelley with a Rear Naked Choke. This is how you build a match and give us one hell of a worthy title fight. This could have main-evented and everyone would have been happy.

Four-Way Lucha Tag: Arez & Gringo Loco defeated Juventud Guerrera & Kamikaze (Ninja Mack), ASF & Laredo Kid, and Dragon Bane & El Hijo de Canis Lupis via Northern Lights Knee to Suplex on Kamikaze

Time to get wild. We had four teams featuring some of the best Lucha Talent out there. Juventud Guerrera was back in the US and he was incredibly happy to share the ring with so many top stars and upcoming talents. From there, this was exactly the type of match you’d want. Every time we see a ring full of Lucha stars, madness ensues. It was a skew of rapid technicality, multi-man mayhem, stiff exchanges, and a whole host of unbelievable combos. There was so much action that it would be hard to describe. It was pure excellence and needs to be seen to be believed. It’s just sad that Juventud had to back out early. Arez and Loco worked exceptionally well to trap ASF and Kamikaze at the same time. Cash was thrown because everyone there just saw another damn masterclass.

2 Cold Scorpio defeated Stallion Rodgers via The Bomb

Before we could get to an unexpected hit match between the legendary 2 Cold Scorpio and the Workhorse Stallion Rodgers, we had a 44OH! invasion. RSP and his gaggle of green goons held the show hostage so he could run down Nick Gage again. Once they’d scuttled off, we got the match we wanted to see. It lived up to its hype too as it became salty young veteran taking on the salty old veteran as these two just beat the hell out of each other. It was very stiff, very snug, and very vicious as Stallion and Scorpio hammered the shit out of each other. There was flipping, flying and a whole lot of shocks as this fight just kept ramping up. Scorpio had to drop every bomb on Stallion to keep him down as Rodgers just wouldn’t give in. This match ruled and gave you exactly what you wanted.

BLP Heavyweight Title: Jake Something defeated EFFY via Black Hole Slam

EFFY was continuing his Chicago tour as he had his second match of the day. This time he was getting a shot at championship gold as he battled the monster of BLP, Jake Something. We’ve seen Something murder so many opponents, now he’d have to contend with Daddy. Something was not here to have fun and quickly set about ignoring EFFY’s fun and overpowering him. This played out like a wrestling snuff film as Something just bullied EFFY. Nipple biting proved to be the great equaliser and things got more competitive… for a bit, then Something took to the air and hit a Fire Thunder Driver on the apron, wiping out EFFY. Daddy wouldn’t die though and Something found he had a lot of work left to do. We finally got to see them kiss and EFFY fired up to hit all his key moves. Just when it looked to be all EFFY, Something ended things with the Black Hole Slam. Something had retained again despite EFFY’s best efforts and seems to be unstoppable. I loved seeing him completely stonewall EFFY’s attempts at fun and gave us a very intense little fight.

Eight-man WTF tag: Nick Gage & The Second Gear Crew (AJ Gray, Matthew Justice & Mance Warner) AKA Team MDK vs Warhausen (Danhausen & WARHORSE) & The Powers of Pain (The Barbarian & The Warlord) ends in No contest

Okay WTF is this. I never expected to see the Powers of Pain back in action, least of all alongside Warhausen. This wasn’t going to be any old return to action though as they were facing the might of Team MDK. SGC and the King of this shit were all ready to get violent with this resurrected force. Things started as ordered as they could be with Mance vs WARHORSE and Gray brutalising that Danhausen. Dick punches came into play and the Powers of Pain went to war with SGC. Barbarian wanted Gage and the pair fought all around the ring. Chaos broke out everywhere as Gage brought the fans in against Barbarian and everyone else fought each other. Men, women, and children got chops on the Barbarian as the Warlord was getting smashed by chairs. MDK-Hausen exploded and Gray decapitated Danhausen with a lariat. It was just pure chaos. Gage was ready to kill when 44OH! came along and ruined the whole thing. They got in another attack on Team MDK before the big War Games show and got the weirdest match of the night thrown out. Screw you 44OH!

The End: G-Raver defeated Jimmy Lloyd via Flaming Glass Meteora

Last but not least, the end of the day of wrestling. The end of a storied feud and the end of either G-Raver or Jimmy Lloyd. There were a whole ton of tubes, a whole ton of glass, and two men ready to end it all. It opened with tubes to the head and just descended into utter depravity. Glass and blood were everywhere as the pair murdered each other for 18 minutes straight. Raver was merciless here, carving Lloyd up however he could be it with glass panes and broken tubes. Lloyd’s arm was a mess and Raver made sure to make him suffer. Lloyd took the pair to hell with a DVD off the apron into glass and doors, then put Raver through another pane with a Razor’s Edge. Raver trapped Lloyd on the top with a tube senton and crushed Lloyd in glass with a Pane Swanton. Somehow Lloyd found his feet again and dropped Raver through another pane with a Psycho Driver. The infamous tube ladder returned as well as a shower door. Were we going to see history repeat itself? That ladder took Raver’s arm last time and this time Raver kicked out after his back collided across it. Lloyd went for the kill with the glass door by setting it on fire as G-Raver was perched on the top. Raver attacked from behind with a Meteora and took the win, ending things as Lloyd burned. Raver had won the feud, conquered the spot that put him on the shelf, and set Lloyd alight again. This might not have been as OTT as the Glass Ceiling but it was personal and had seen Raver get the ultimate revenge in the city that left him scarred forever.

All images courtesy of GCW, Freelance, FITE, IsthisWrestling

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