As told in the predictionsSlammiversary XV was about history and future. The GFW/ Impact Wrestling merger lead to a series of unification matches (only X-Division and Grand Championship titles won’t be concerned) and new belts are set to appear very soon. This first PPV of the year for the company was made to settle in this new era and prove that the revolution that started earlier this year is real and full of sense.

On the Pre-Show, Braxton Sutter and Allie teamed up with Mahabali Shera to fight their best enemies KM and Laurel Van Ness, alongside Kongo Kong. A good opener but also a bad sign of possible interventions in Rosemary vs. Sienna match…

There was no reason for LAX to lose their titles, even in a Fatal-Four Way match fought under Lucha Libre rules. Of course, Konnan, Homicide and Diamanté intervened in the match, but the action was great, fast, thunderous. After the match, Konnan announced LAX would soon be expanding with the promise of a new member coming. The Tag Team titles may not change hands for a little while yet…

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DeAngelo Williams appeared to be a real good weapon of choice for Impact Grand Champion Moose in his fight against Eli Drake and Chris Adonis. The wrestling rookie proved he was mastering his craft and really allowed Moose to take his revenge on The Namer of Dummies and his associate. Williams was not afraid to power bomb Drake through a table and earn the win for his team.

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So many hate associated with a leather strap tethering them was the sign of a tough and hurtful match between Cowboy James Storm and Ethan Carter III. And it was, as Carter was whipped more than 30 times by a vicious Storm. Action then went outside the ring and Carter sent Storm face-first into the ring post. The match ended abruptly as Storm hit a Superkick on Carter and then suddenly fell on the mat, unable to move. Carter hit a modified Pedigree and pinned Storm for the victory but the medical staff rushed to the ring to check Storm as commentary team was teasing the shot to the ring post could have hurt him badly.

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Earlier that night, a very calm Joseph Park announced Jeremy Borash their match against Jos Mathews and Scott Steiner was now a No Disqualification match. A devastated Borash was asked by Park to calm down and not to be afraid to rely on old friends. Maybe the most disappointing match of the night as a huge part of it was recorded before. But an entertaining one anyway. Steiner was there to beat up, he did it perfectly. The match started in the ring but Steiner grabbed a barrier and pushed Park and Borash backstage. A chase started, backstage, in the streets, even in a pool of where Shark Boy emerged to support Borash. Father James Mitchell appeared as Park was being beaten down by Steiner and gave him the Abyss mask. Mathews, Borash and Steiner came back to the ring. Shark Boy intervened again but suddenly came Father Mitchell to introduce The Monster Abyss who was standing behind the heels. Janice was not on the menu of the match but thumbtacks were. Abyss hit the Blackhole Slam on Mathews in the tacks, Borash then hit a splash and also felt the pain of tacks locked in his hands. Abyss scored the pin for the win. Borash celebrated alongside Abyss, Mitchell and Shark Boy.

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Full Metal Mayhem was probably necessary to end the war between the two former Wolves partners and their wives. Tables, ladders and chairs are common in this kind of match, but trashcan, thumbtacks and kendo sticks drove this match even more devastating. Both men and women were not afraid to go hardcore. But in the end, Edwards power bombed Richards through the table for the win.

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An X-Division match is usually synonymous with a must-see. Low-Ki wanted to regain the X-Division title from Sonjay Dutt, but Dutt chose the stipulation. Things started well for Low-Ki who earned the first pin, but Dutt rallied and earned the second. Low-Ki favoured his hand which seemed to be injured. But the fight was not over, neither for Dutt nor for Low-Ki. Dutt earned the third fall and the victory after hitting a moonsault moved into a double foot stomp. Stunning match, as it was expected to be.


Hall of Famer Gail Kim brought the titles to the ring before the match. Rosemary appeared on the ramp surrounded by an army of zombies. Rosemary really had the match in the palm of her hands but, as predicted, Laurel Van Ness, KM, Braxton Sutter and Allie distracted the referee. Rosemary tried to spit her mist into Rosemary’s eyes but Sienna covered her mouth. She used the mist on it to blind Rosemary and locked her in a submission hold for the win. It could have been a better match, really.

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No controversy necessary for GFW Champion El Patron who battled nearly 20 long minutes against Impact Champion Bobby Lashley. Interventions of King Mo and Dos Caras, but by targeting El Patron’s father, Lashley gave Alberto the momentum to hit the double foot stomp, win the match and unify the titles. Good match who really settled in this new chapter in Impact history. Now a lot of white pages are expected to be filled with action. If it could be of the same calibre as last night…

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Slammiversary XV Full Results:

Pre-Show Match: Braxton Sutter, Mahabali Shera & Allie defeated KM, Kongo Kong & Laurel Van Ness

Impact/GFW Tag Championship Match: LAX (w/ Konnan, Homicide & Diamanté) defeated Laredo Kid & Garza Jr. (The Crash), Drago & El Hijo del Fantasma (AAA), Naomichi Marufuji & Taiji Ishimori (NOAH) to retain the titles

Tag Team Match: DeAngelo Williams & Impact Grand Champion Moose defeated Eli Drake & Chris Adonis

Strap Match: Ethan Carter III defeated James Storm

No Disqualification Tag Team Match: Jeremy Borash & Joseph Park defeated Josh Mathews & Scott Steiner

Full Metal Mayhem Match: Eddie Edwards & Alisha Edwards defeated Davey Richards & Angelina Love

X-Division Championship 2 Out of 3 Falls Match: Sonjay Dutt defeated Low-Ki to retain the title

Women’s Championships Unification Match: GFW Women’s Champion Sienna defeated Impact Knockouts Champion Rosemary to become the Unified Women’s Champion

World Championships Unification Match: GFW Global Champion Alberto El Patron (w/ Dos Caras) defeated Impact World Champion Bobby Lashley (w/ King Mo) to become the Unified World Champion

All pics and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling

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